Loss Of Smell Could Be A COVID-19 Symptom, Say French Scientists

Loss Of Smell Could Be A COVID-19 Symptom, Say French Scientists
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23 March 2020
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Paris: The loss of the sense of smell, especially among the youth, could be a possible new symptom of Covid-19, according to French scientists who said they have been observing the phenomenon in recent days, and a section of British doctors are also of the same opinion, reports said on Sunday.

French health service chief Jerome Salomon, has said "the sudden disappearance of smell" in patients who did not have a blocked or runny nose appeared to be a symptom, albeit a rare one, the BBC reported.

A loss of taste was an even rarer symptom and that both seemed to be more prevalent in young people with the virus.

ENT UK, which represents ear, nose and throat specialists in the UK, has suggested that the loss of smell should be added to the current symptom criteria for people to self-isolate, the BBC said.

"There has been a rapidly growing number of reports of a significant increase in patients with Covid-19 infection presenting with loss of smell in the absence of other symptoms," it said in a statement with the British Rhinological Society.

In the UK, the NHS guidance is to self-isolate if you have either a high temperature or a new, continuous cough.

Other doctors have, however, cautioned that the research is not yet developed enough.

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