Livestock farmers in Cuba are trained for a sustainable future

Livestock farmers in Cuba are trained for a sustainable future
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14 April 2024
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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) endorsed the development of capacities in sheep and goat farming in Cuba.

So far, producers, specialists and technicians in veterinary services from six municipalities in the country have been able to strengthen their knowledge with the help of FAO, the institution reported.

As he explained, the progress responds to a capacity training program within the framework of the project Strategic support for sustainable food security in Cuba.

Component number three of said institutional commitment conceives the strengthening of the Integrated Knowledge Management System for Sustainable Food Security in Cuba (Consas), the United Nations entity specified.

According to the FAO, the objective of the initiative is to increase the production of foods with high protein and nutritional value in local food systems, by improving the culture for the management, reproduction and feeding of small livestock, as well as in veterinary technical assistance and animal health services.

The ongoing program facilitated exchanges of experiences between producers, science and technology entities and university centers on various aspects of the problem in question, including genetic improvement.

In the opinion of experts, such links could facilitate the application of scientific results in the country's productive practices, the FAO said.

Among the knowledge shared, the organization distinguished the implementation of silvopastoral systems and the use of artificial insemination to improve breeds.

Within the framework of Consas, work is also being done on the revitalization of veterinary technical assistance and animal health services in the small livestock chain, which includes the acquisition of specialized equipment and medicines, the source added.

The Cuban Ministry of Agriculture, the FAO and the European Union join forces to deploy the project, with a significant impact on the economic development, sustainability and security of small livestock in Cuba, the United Nations institution judged.

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