The King is alive

The King is alive
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16 July 2022
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Havana, (Prensa Latina) The news spread like wildfire: Carlos Santana fainted in the middle of a concert and fans jumped horrified. But calm down, the King is still alive, although he will be recovering for now.

Those who have not grown with such iconic music, with the style that characterizes him, with that power he gives to his musical instrument with which he was charmed when his father in his native Jalisco gave him his first electric guitar as a present.

Today, almost 75 years old –on July 20-, the Mexican musician nationalized in the US is unstoppable and there is no heat wave that slows him down, as occurred in his most recent live performance, part of a tour he began in 2022 and hopes to wind up in 2023.

The virtuoso guitarist scared off the audience who attended the Pine Knob Music Theatre in Clarkston, northwest of Detroit, on July 5, when he collapsed before the public after 40 minutes without a break.

Doctors told him to rest and he was forced to postpone the next six shows. But nobody can stop the man considered one of the world’s best guitarists, and he is ready to go back on stage.

“Carlos is well and eager to being on the stages soon, He only needs to rest.” His spokesman, Michael Vrionis, confirmed in a message comforting his followers.

And to silence rumors about his health, Santana himself published on his social media accounts that he is strong. “Just taking it easy. I forgot to eat and drink water, so I dehydrated and passed out,” he said.

After a long pandemic he needed to go back to the stage where he has left his imprint. No wonder he is eager to return.

For months, along with his band, the composer and player of María María in detail designed his Miraculous Supernatural Tour, in which he shares the stage with the mythical members of Earth, Wind & Fire, to which he returned after that 1974 tour.

The show has been a hit, jam-packed and with a special ingredient, a performance that means a lot for Santana. It is the place where it all began more than 50 years ago, the Woodstock Festival, now known as the Bethel Woods Center, in New York State. He is scheduled to play there on August 23.

In 1969, in which what was considered the largest hippie concert of all times, Santana made his first live performance to mark forever Latin music in and out of the United States and reach the altar of the stars.

Although there are still scheduled concerts until August, Santana is anxious. No time to waste. Music and guitar call, so do audiences.

(Taken from Orbe weekly)

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