Jorge Gómez: Let the Industry Resembles Music

Jorge Gómez: Let the Industry Resembles Music
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23 April 2023
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Cubadisco, island that sounds, is the slogan of the party that already marked its start in 2023 with the Nominees Gala and according to its President, the prominent Cuban musician Jorge Gómez, the idea is "that there would be a journey through the Cuban music of all times and of all genres and styles".

How is the great Cuban record fair thought this time?

"We want Cubadisco to continue being Cubadisco in the sense that it has all the components for which it was envisioned. It’s an International Fair, sometimes, like this year, the fair itself could not be done, due to objective resource problems, but as an intention it continues to be a space to show the values that not only Cuban music holds, which everyone knows, but also the Cuban music industry. Cubadisco has the characteristic that the awards and programming are always have a tendency to show the real strength of the Cuban music industry.

"There are those who say that there’s no music industry in Cuba, well, it will be incipient, we will have more or less resources, but given all these records that are being presented, the amount of audiovisuals existing with an excellent production, and huge quality, it’s impossible to say that the industry does not exist. Perhaps we can talk about the markets, but that does not only happen to us with music, access to world and international markets is mediated by many things that this kind of events try to break through and I think we have big chances. These fairs are precisely carried out to draw the attention of investors, to the people who can make all this wonderful music have the need for resources to enter the market".

What would be the purpose or challenge of that industry?

"We have to make the Cuban music industry look more and more like our music, because music looks like us Cubans."

Any international personality that can already be advanced within the Cubadisco program?

"We will have two excellent artists coming, a Spanish one, Rozalen, who is an incredible show and Martha Gómez, a Colombian who has five Latin Grammy nominations and four awards. She is the one who will close the event in a concert with the National Symphonic Orchestra lead by Maestro Enrique Pérez Mesa. There will also be "The locos", a sensational rock band from Tenerife, a group of DJs who play folk instruments from South America, from Colombia comes the Manyoma Brothers, closely linked with the founders of the Niche group and something totally special is coming, teachers and students from the Korean School of Art are going to make a video clip with their own directors, a pop concert, a workshop on Korean folk instruments and they are going to participate in the Primera Línea event".

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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