Italians rally against Israeli genocide in Palestine

Italians rally against Israeli genocide in Palestine
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6 November 2023
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Nearly ten thousand people flooded the streets of the Italian capital, Rome, on Saturday to stage a rally against what they call the “genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.”  The initiative dubbed “Italy Out of All Wars” was attended by political parties and trade unions, including Power to the People, the Communist Refoundation Party, and USB trade union.

High school students and their families, who called on the international community to put an end to Israel's bloodbath in the besieged Gaza Strip, were also present at the rally.

A number of Italian journalists and geopolitical analysts have held a meeting in Rome, with video links to Gaza and Al-Quds, as hundreds of civilians were killed by Israeli airstrikes on a hospital in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Those at the rally demanded accountability of the US, UK, and much of Europe, for being "wholly complicit in the horrific assault on the Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces.  They condemned the media and those who hold the posture of selective morality on the ongoing massacre in the Gaza Strip.

With over €2 billion worth of military contracts guaranteed to Israel in the last 10 years, European countries are one of Tel Aviv's main suppliers of military systems and equipment, following behind the United States.

Numerous rallies have been held in support of the besieged Palestinians in different cities and towns across Italy since October 7th.

Observers said that despite the media's double standards on the Israeli carnage, a growing number of Italians are finally waking up to the reality of the horror that is taking place in the Gaza Strip.

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