Italians Make Donation for Collapsed Hotel Emergency Actions

Italians Make Donation for Collapsed Hotel Emergency Actions
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11 May 2022
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Havana, May 10 (ACN) The Italy-Cuba National Friendship Association (ANAIC) announced a 10-thousand-Euro donation to support the Cuban government’s actions to deal with the emergency caused by the explosion of Havana’s Saratoga hotel, which claimed dozens of lives and injured many.

Cuban Friendship Institute official Rigoberto Zarza told the Cuban News Agency that the Italian organization decided to donate the money to contribute to clean the material damage and accompany the Cuban people.

Italian association president Marco Papacci told Prensa Latina news agency that they will activate all their 77 organizations in the country to collect funds and resources to keep helping face the tragedy in Havana.

The activist of the oldest and largest solidarity-with-Cuba organization in Italy said that they will keep working to assist the island in its fight against COVID-19 and against the US economic blockade against the Cuban people.

On Tuesday, May 10, Cuban Health authorities and officials with the Friendship Institute received a container with medical resources, valued at 621 thousand euros, donated by the Italian association to help fight COVID-19.

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