Innocence opens Cuban film season in India

Innocence opens Cuban film season in India
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3 May 2024
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The film "Innocence", by director Alejandro Gil, opened today a cycle of Cuban films at the Cervantes Institute in this capital, mostly attended by Indian youth.

“Habanastation”, “El ojo del Canario”, “Contigo pan y cebolla”, “El Mayor”, “Viva Cuba” and “Ciudad en Rojo”, make up the billboard that will be screened until June organized by the Cuban Embassy here and the non-profit organization founded in New Delhi by the Government of Spain in 1991.

At the opening, the Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Cuban diplomatic mission in India, Abel Aballe, stressed that the films had in common the reflection of different periods in the history of the Caribbean nation and the protagonism of young people with ideals of justice and aspirations for a better future for their country.

Meanwhile, the director of the Cervantes Institute, Oscar Pujol, highlighted the prestige of Cuban cinema at international level and considered the presentation as an exclusive representation of the quality of the seventh art of the island.

He invited those present to enjoy Cuban films and especially the screening on May 16 of the feature film “El ojo del Canario” (The Eye of the Canary) as a tribute to Cuba’s National Hero Jose Marti.

“Inocencia” is based on one of the most atrocious events of Spain’s colonization in Cuba, when the government and its Volunteer Corps conspired to murder eight innocent medical students on November 27, 1871.

Every year on November 27, Cuba’s university students march in homage to those young people who were victims of colonizing hatred.

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