ICAP Rejects Subversion against Cuba and U.S.Blockade

ICAP Rejects Subversion against Cuba and U.S.Blockade
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23 October 2021
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The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) is holding an event this Saturday to condemn new attempts of social destabilization in Cuba as well as the blockade imposed by the United States.

According to the agenda, the international virtual meeting 'Reason is Our Shield' was posted on the ICAP's YouTube and Facebook accounts.

During the meeting, 'backgrounds and true reasons behind the alleged peaceful demonstration, which is illegal and unconstitutional, as well as the reasons of the Revolution against this new provocation were also dealt with,' according to a press release.

Among participants are the Coordinator of the Cuba-Venezuela Solidarity Committee, Gloria La Riva; Canadian journalist Arnold August and the intendant of Habana Vieja municipality.

Regarding this new destabilizing attempt, the Cuban government underlined its subversive nature and alignment with the interests of the United States.

Cuban jurists and experts described this action as unconstitutional because it violates articles 4 and 45 of the Constitution, endorsed in 2019 by over 86 percent of citizens.

'A demonstration for lawful, peaceful purposes cannot attempt against others, nor violate citizen peace. It cannot request the reversal of established order nor a change of the socialist system endorsed on the Constitution, Article 4,' Msc. Yuliesky Amador stated.

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