Ibero-American Congress on Thinking concludes in Cuba

Ibero-American Congress on Thinking concludes in Cuba
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27 October 2020
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The 15th Ibero-American Congress on Thinking will conclude on Tuesday in this eastern Cuban city, after several days of debate on culture as a factor of resilience.

For three days, more than 390 delegates from Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Canada, Cuba and other countries have met virtually to share experiences and initiatives in the Ibero-American region to counter the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the last working session of the 'Social Networks in the exchange and communication in periods of distancing' forum, the keynote speakers will be Jose Manzaneda, a journalist and director of WebTV Cuba Informacion, from the Basque Country, and Pierluigi Mussaro, a professor at the University of Bologna, in Italy.

Lisset Baster, an expert in Communication at the Ibero-American House, announced the launch of the third issue of the research and social criticism magazine 'Guayza', an aboriginal word that is related to the worldview of the spirit of an individual in contrast to that of a dead person.

In the magazine's editorial, Ibero-American House Director Eduardo Avila explained that 'Guayza is a permanent invitation to this Congress, to come with a sample of open, transparent dialogue to feed the pages of the magazine'.

The Congress was first held in 2004 under the auspices of the Ibero-American House and the Fernando Ortiz Center for Advanced Studies, as a space for theoretical and scientific debate at the Festival of Ibero-American Culture.


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