How do Young People of Cuba Remember Fidel Castro?

How do Young People of Cuba Remember Fidel Castro?
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19 August 2023
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Fidel Castro is one of the most transcendental personalities in contemporary history. Although while he lived - and even afterwards - there were few adversaries and detractors, he currently represents a great reference for thousands of people, both in Cuba and abroad.

How is he remembered by the current generations in Cuba? Although impressions on the main figure of the Cuban revolution can be dissimilar, Cuba does share the criteria of three young people.

Daneisy del Castillo Gómez, 31 years old. Professor at the University of Ciego de Ávila

Fidel was always a respected and very admired leader, both inside and outside Cuba. He had many qualities, but for me the most outstanding is his leadership capacity, to put all things in order, with timely reasoning, implying people in the different functions that fell upon him, and bringing everyone peace of mind.

I remember him at the historical moment that he lived being young, with his psychological characteristics, his talent, intelligence and his respect for the cause of independence, for justice, also given by his training as a lawyer. All that, together with the strength of a youth who followed Marti’s ideas, led him to become the referent that always was and still is.

He organized the assault on the barracks "Moncada" and "Carlos Manuel de Céspedes", the preparation of the Granma boat, the guerrillas in the mountains and headed the revolution. I think, without Fidel, the Cuban revolution would not have been the same. Although many valuable young people rose with him, he was the undisputed leader.

He knew how to determine each situation and be there at every moment, before any circumstance, with his task forces, next to the people, facing adversities and loving his people. He established solidarity ties everywhere, which also increased its international prestige.

His name and legacy will never be erased from history.

Maykol Figueredo Rodríguez, 22 years old. Law student at the University of Havana

I remember Fidel as my father, my idol, like that man who sacrificed everything for social welfare. He was a tireless worker and people's guide. I also think of him as the lawyer of the poor, a great defender of children and the revolution in a general sense.

He was the man who brought peace and prosperity to Cuba and solved the problems of social inequality. He educated the people and gave everyone worth, regardless of race or religion.
He had a very imposing character. You wouldn't get bored to listen to him because everything he said was interesting and led you to reflection. His physical departure was a great loss.

Sabrina García Sánchez, 22 years old. Social Science Student at “Ñico López” University

He was felt like a common people. That humanity, transparency and closeness he had made him feel like a father, a friend or a brother.

I regret not having the chance to interact with him. But I carry the certainty that he was always there and that, although he didn’t know us all, he loved us and felt like a father with the duty to care for us.

That was enough to love him. A little more than six years after his death, I have to confess that I don't feel him absent. The legacy and love he left behind for us are great. It can be said that he dedicated his entire life.

On the 97th anniversary of his birth, I feel Fidel alive in the revolution and in the people.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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