Homeland or Death, indeed!

Homeland or Death, indeed!
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19 February 2021
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What kind of life are those who invite me to forget about my people talking about? What blood, what empty pots? What doctrines? Do they really know what life is about?

I could not finish listening to the song that for some hours has been circulating in the networks and has even made some people proudly carry a frame on Facebook, because behind it (I assume, I do not have the truth in my hand) they feel like dissidents, rebels, rioting in the illusion that change for Cuba will actually come someday from the outside.

I did not finish listening to the song, although maybe I should, because there came a point when the faces of Alexander, Yotuel and Descemer stopped selling me for a minute a speech full of "indications" and started to remind me how each of them began and how many times I danced to all the things—or just the few things—they had to say back then, which at my age then, young as I was, sounded enormously seducing.

For only seconds I did not hear the "it's over" or that uncreative "dominó trancao" (slang for ‘the game is blocked’). I saw them rise in the most important stages of Cuba, and thousands of compatriots singing along tunes that boasted Cubanness to the fullest.

When I realized that this time the message was one of hatred, the same hatred that they no longer know how to disguise with silk, I confess that I stopped the video and ran to write this piece, for how else would the expressions of love for this land be true? Is there any other way to love than with intransigence, certainty and faith in truth and justice?

Under what shield are doctors today fighting COVID-19? Or is that not death hot in our heels every day, and is it not the same Homeland of the supposed doctrine that is here for us to raise and build?

Is it not the same death, albeit with a different color, that awaits us at the end of the road if we do not all do our bit and the monetary reorganization program fails due to the ineptitude and indolence of a few?

Perhaps these are too many questions for a text that defends a single assertion, but sometimes things are understood in this way, a little from this angle and a little from another.

That the philosophy will be to continue giving one's life for the Homeland... well, yes, that will never change as long as the lucidity of the people is enough to not ignore their history, as long as people continue to love and many more unite than those who separate.

Another thing is a badly designed pamphlet, an unfinished and mediocre script more or less armed with strains, illegitimate in its most deep-seated essence, if it has any... an annexationist vomit put in the mouth of those who supposedly and erroneously represent Cuban culture.
On second thoughts, I am going to finish listening to the song. It is clear that it is, in itself and in all that surrounds it, nothing new, just the death rattle of a very old hatred, with very short wings.

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