Havana disinfects all buses serving public transportation

Havana disinfects all buses serving public transportation
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16 March 2020
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Disinfection of handrails, seats, doors and other bus parts with chlorine solutions is one of the measures implemented by the Provincial Transport Enterprise in Havana to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Each driver must be responsible for cleaning and ensuring fulfillment of what was established to tackle Covid-19 at the ministry of transport (MITRANS), Granma newspaper stated today.

In the same way, once the bus finishes its daily route and enters the station, a more detailed cleaning will be carried out in order to leave it ready for the next day.

The entity from Havana also published informative banners on the buses, so that the population would be aware of the measures that should be adopted to prevent Covid-19.

This plan is of crucial importance in a city like Havana, which moves a million people on buses every day on average, where any action taken to combat the new coronavirus might seem little.


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