Harassment of United States against Cuba condemned in Spain

Harassment of United States against Cuba condemned in Spain
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10 October 2020
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Representatives of Cuban emigration in the Basque Country gathered on Saturday to denounce the intensification of the economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States against their country.

Convened by groups of Cubans residing in the Basque Country, and the Euskadi-Cuba friendship association, the demonstration took place this Saturday in the Arriaga Square, in the city of Bilbao.

Under the slogan 'Cuba saves lives. No blockade' and with the support of unions, political parties and nearly thirty solidarity groups, the rally coincided with the anniversary of the beginning of the fight for Cuba's independence in 1868.

The attendants, who kept strict health security measures in relation with the Covid-19 pandemic, described the US siege as a systematic, massive and flagrant violation of the human rights of the Cuban people and a crime against humanity.

They pointed to Donald Trump as the US president who most cruelly applied this hostile policy, imposed against Cuba six decades ago.

The Cuban emigration recalled in a message to Basque society that with the current neo-fascist administration currently occupying the White House, the blockade intensified with the approval of some 90 new sanctions over the last two years.


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