Guidelines for the National Program for the Advancement of Women presented

Guidelines for the National Program for the Advancement of Women presented
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6 March 2021
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The Secretary-General of the Cuban Women Federation (FMC), Teresa Amarelle Boué,  says the approval of the National Program for the Advancement of Women is a demonstration of confidence, respect, and commitment of the island with gender equality.

During the presentation of the Program's guidelines, the member of the Political Bureau and the Council of State stressed that, although new, it is the continuity of an inclusive policy in favor of women, promoted by the Revolution since 1959, and which today shows its results, with the female protagonism in the country's development tasks.

Currently, Cuban women make up 49% of the labor force in the state sector; they are 53% of all personnel involved in science, technology, and innovation, 68% of the island's researchers by the end of 2019, and 53,22 % of Cuba's 605 deputies to the Cuban Parliament.

For Cuban women, Amarelle Boué added, the Revolution, in itself, is our main equality program because it created policies aimed at achieving empowerment throughout society and equal conditions for women and men.

The National Program for the Advancement of Women - she explained - arises from the need to integrate into single document actions that correspond to the principles and postulates recognized in the recently approved Constitution and the new scenario of updating the economic and social model, as well as the international commitments made by Cuba in this area.

As a general principle, it is proposed to promote the advancement of women and the equality of rights, opportunities, and possibilities, endorsed in the Constitution, and to deepen the objective and subjective factors of expressions of discrimination that persist in society, and hinder a greater result in the economic, political, social and family, to eliminate them.


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