Grupo de Puebla warns of possible military coup d'état in Peru

Grupo de Puebla warns of possible military coup d'état in Peru
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19 June 2021
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The Puebla Group -- el Grupo de Puebla -- has expressed its strong concern that there may be a military coup in Peru, while the final results of the electoral process place Pedro Castillo as the winner of the elections -- but the country is tensely awaiting the proclamation of the triumph of the candidate of Perù Libre.

Through a communiqué, the progressive alliance made a patriotic call to the country's Armed Forces to maintain their condition of civility and neutrality in the face of the results of a process already closed by the constitutional authorities.

The group, which includes two presidents in office, several former presidents and personalities from 17 countries, highlighted its support to Pedro Castillo in his courageous defense of democratic institutionality.

After learning of Castillo's victory, a group of former officers issued a letter to the heads of the Armed Forces not to recognize the proclaimed president in case the National Jury of Elections (JNE) did not comply with the demands of the already defeated candidate, Keiko Fujimori.

This letter was rejected by a large number of social sectors because it incites the disregard of constitutional processes.  Peruvian law stipulates that elections can only be annulled if one third of the voters cast a blank or defective vote.

Regarding this letter, even the outgoing president of Peru, Francisco Sagasti, condemned the attempted military coup d'état in a statement. "It has taken us a long time and effort to build our democratic institutionality throughout our turbulent 200 years of republican life.  Let us not put it in danger," said the president.

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