IN GALLERIES: Art with Art

IN GALLERIES: Art with Art
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21 March 2022
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José Martí memorial hosts the exhibition Arte con arte, made up of pieces from Luciano Méndez Cuban contemporary art collection. Méndez, born in Salamanca, Spain, owns one of the most varied and interesting collections of Cuban art in the hands of private collectors. And thanks to his nice ties with Cuban cultural institutions, he has more than once exhibited these pieces in Cuban galleries.

If you check the list of the catalogue, essential names of visual arts in Cuba will be discovered, artists who have marked milestones and who continue to work here and now. More than one National Prize for Plastic Arts exhibits here. And several creators of more recent promotions are added: Art made by young people, which is paving the path. This time Méndez exhibits, fundamentally, medium or small format pieces. That could perhaps be the backbone of the expo.

Because conceptual, generical, and thematical, many paths converge here. The exhibition could be assumed as a panorama of the richness of the visual production in the last decades.

The unique museography draws attention, which recreates intimate spaces to enjoy art. Together with the works, books and other objects, as if to promote the pairing between related fields.

Cuban institutions are interested in promoting art collecting, since this activity always implies a stimulus for creation, and it can be a starting point for interesting visions of an artistic body.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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