French journalist praises Prensa Latina's loyalty to cause of justice

French journalist praises Prensa Latina's loyalty to cause of justice
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13 June 2020
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Paris, June 13 (RHC)-- The Prensa Latina news agency will soon celebrate its 61st anniversary with the merit of remaining faithful to the emancipatory causes of the people, French journalist José Fort said Saturday.

In a message of congratulations to the media founded in Cuba on June 16, 1959 -- just a few months after the triumph of the Revolution -- the former correspondent in Havana for the newspaper L'Humanité acknowledged his commitment to the mission of providing a different view of the events.

"While the majority of the press agencies in the world are still in the power of the imperialist forces, Prensa Latina has always stood and still stands by the side of the peoples, their suffering, struggles and hopes.  Thank you for not deviating from your initial path," he stressed.

Fort stressed that during his journalistic career on the island, Latin America, Africa and other parts of the planet, he had the solidarity and support of colleagues from the media that currently has more than 40 offices in countries on four continents.

"To all of you: Happy Birthday -- and let's continue together in the emancipatory struggle for the end of the criminal blockade of the United States against Cuba and for the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Cuban doctors, who show the world the real meaning of the word solidarity."


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