Fourth cycle of talks between Colombian Government and ELN begins

Fourth cycle of talks between Colombian Government and ELN begins
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14 August 2023
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The fourth cycle of peace talks between the Government of Colombia and the National Liberation Army (ELN) is beginning in Venezuela. 
“This cycle will undoubtedly be a new development, especially in terms of participation and ceasefire, and we hope to come (back) to the country with new agreements for this important peace process,” Senator Iván Cepeda, a member of the government delegation, said.

In the third cycle of peace talks, held in Havana, the Government and the ELN agreed to comply with the Cuban Agreements immediately, and declared the Dialogue Table in permanent activity.

The participation of society and the bilateral ceasefire that came into force for a period of six months, and which will have an oversight and verification mechanism headed by the United Nations, stand out among the agreements to be complied with immediately.

The Colombian government and the ELN formalized the National Participation Committee on August 3, which constitutes a temporary and special body made up of 81 delegates from social movements, ethnic peoples, various organizations, unions, and institutions, and is headed by the Roundtable of Dialogues.

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