FOTOSUB 2022, International Event in Varadero Waters

FOTOSUB 2022, International Event in Varadero Waters
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16 July 2022
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From Mexico, Spain, and the United States will arrive at this resort interested in FOTOSUB Varadero-2022, an event planned to capture the visuality of the underwater world from July 21-25, coordinated by the National Marine and Nautical Company MARLIN S.A.

Isis Madruga Díaz, Commercial Deputy Director of MARLIN Varadero, explained to the Cuban News Agency that the competitive international underwater photography event will test the skills of participants in various modalities.

Environment, environment with model, fauna, and macro will constitute the four categories in which competitors will present their proposals after immersion sessions at Barracuda International Diving Center, located in the most popular sun and beach tourist destination in Cuba.

Madruga Díaz reported that certified photographers and models that comply with the requirements of the contest regulations will participate, and the event will be a propitious setting to document in images the underwater environment in harmony that distinguishes Varadero.

According to the official program, in addition to the days of competitive diving, the actions designed include the premiere of a feature film, an apnea clinic and optional activities for contestants and companions, not included in the cost of the event, such as diving and excursions.

Underwater photography or photosub includes the diversity of snapshots taken underwater; In addition to being a widely practiced modality in sport diving and in the study of marine biology, it is highly appreciated by those who enjoy admiring an alternative universe to the one on land.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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