Foreign Minister highlighted Cuba’s resistance to the US blockade

Foreign Minister highlighted Cuba’s resistance to the US blockade
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3 February 2023
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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez today highlighted the island's resistance and victories in the face of the blockade the United States has enforced for more than 60 years.

Through his Twitter account, the foreign minister recalled that on February 3, 1962, US President John F. Kennedy formalized the system of ‘the most severe, prolonged and inhumane coercive measures applied against any nation’.

Such policy intensified the hostility of the US government against the Cuban Revolution that came out victorious in 1959. Since very early Cuba faced economic coercion and the breaking off of diplomatic relations by Washington in January 1961.

With the declared intention of provoking hunger and discouragement among the island’s population and promoting the overthrow of the government, this policy was intensified and supported for more than six decades with laws such as Torricelli (1992) and Helms-Burton (1996), despite the almost unanimous rejection of the international community.

Between August 2021 and February 2022, Cuba lost 15 million dollar per day, 454 million dollars per month and, finally, 3,806 billion dollars, an amount considered a historical record for such a short period of time, due to the economic, commercial and financial war.

The Cuban authorities report that during the first 14 months of Joe Biden’s administration, the damage caused to the island amounted to 6,364 billion dollars.

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