Farewell to a unique actress named Broselianda

Farewell to a unique actress named Broselianda
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27 November 2020
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Broselianda Hernández as José Martí’s mother in “El ojo del Canario.” Photo: Frame from the film

I do not know if there is anyone else in the world named Broselianda. What I do know is that she was a unique actress. Not that singularity we all have as unrepeatable individuals, but in embodying roles that I cannot imagine anyone else performing.

Her sudden goodbye shocked us. She was always so solid and strong, so confident and imperturbable, although - we know - no one is eternally so. I hear her saying, in an interview with Amaury Perez, "I am a woman who wants everything," smiling, triumphant.

Broselianda studied acting at Cuba’s Advanced Institute of Art (ISA), graduating with honors in 1987, going on to star in the television series “Cuando el agua regresa a la tierra” and “Las honradas,” among others, with exquisite work for which she will always be remembered.

She leaves many memorable movie performances, as well. Films like “Las propecías de Amanda,” by Pastor Vega, and “Barrio Cuba,” by Humberto Solás, among others, feature her commendable work. Her role as Doña Leonor, in “José Martí: El ojo del Canario,” by Fernando Pérez, will never be forgotten.

In the same interview with singer-songwriter Amaury Pérez, referring to this character, Broselianda stated: "The day I received the confirmation that it was going to be me, was one of the most exciting and happiest days of my life. Why? Because I fought for it. You know, with those things that one says: Well, it’s not me, it’s not me… but I fought for it... She is really a wonderful character, we know she is venerated in the Canary Islands and that she is Martí's mother. It took on importance, a work of total, complete characterization, that is, for me it became meaningful, because for me it was what Fernando asked for: a mother, a Cuban mother, and Martí's mother."

Upon her death in Miami, for reasons yet unknown, Broselianda Hernández was 56 years of age. Hearing the news of her passing, what I felt was the great fragility of human beings. Our collective heart aches. Goodbye, Brose of Cuba. You leave us the best image we have of Doña Leonor and a void, as you depart with still so much light.


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