Evidence of U.S. subversive activity against Cuba disclosed

Evidence of U.S. subversive activity against Cuba disclosed
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2 December 2020
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Cuban television aired a report on Tuesday with video evidence of the incitement to acts of sabotage and subversion on the island from US territory.

The report included the depositions of several Cuban citizens, who acknowledged they received instructions and money from persons and organizations based in South Florida, to set on fire commercial and service facilities in Havana.

The targets would include vehicles, medical offices, educational centers, and computer facilities, and the attacks were to be documented and broadcast on social media as evidence of their execution and to present to the world an image of social unrest and chaos on the island.

These actions included the alleged hunger strike recently carried out by members of the so-called San Isidro Movement to press for the release of one of its members,  sentenced to eight months in prison for the crime of contempt of authority, it was reported.

Other acts included the desecration of busts of the National Hero José Martí, in Havana and Santiago de Cuba, among others.

The report also exposed the intention of the Florida-based Alfa 66 group, which has a long record of terrorist activities against Cuba, to attack the national electricity grid.

Officials of the Ministry of Interior denounced the incitement of young people to carry out acts of disobedience, provocation and sabotage with destabilizing purposes, under the promise of money and help to travel to the United States, at a time when Washington maintains a strong anti-immigration policy.

In all cases, they said, the U.S. authorities were notified about these acts but they took no steps to prevent them.


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