Event in Cuba endorses transformative value of culture

Event in Cuba endorses transformative value of culture
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23 January 2023
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As a space to defend the value of culture as a turning point in urban development, the event "Culture, Communication, Marketing, and Community" invites to talk among representatives of several nations.

Brazil, Jamaica, France, Mozambique, and Cuba make up the agenda of this event, which is part of the 9th International Meeting “Transforming Urban Life in UNESCO’s MIL Cities, innovation and Agenda 2030,” linked to the main guiding axes of art worldwide.

Scheduled for January 24 and 25, the meeting seeks to disseminate UNESCO’s MIL Cities concept, which is related to communication and visualizes urban environments in “a transdisciplinary way, as a network space,” said Felipe Chivás Ortiz, Coordinator of the Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean for the UNESCO MIL Alliance.

Experts will discuss in person and virtually citizens’ position as a center of transformations, in order to enhance the effective work of essential services such as health, education, among others.

The event will also focus on fighting media manipulation, creating fake news in the digital era and proliferating hate speeches.

The volume “La red de ciudades Mil de la Unesco” (UNESCO’s MIL Cities Network), signed by authors from the five continents and produced by Cuban publisher Pueblo y Educación, will be launched.

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