European Commission opens new investigation into Google

European Commission opens new investigation into Google
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22 June 2021
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Brussels, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) The European Commission (EC) on Tuesday announced the opening of another formal investigation into the US company Google, due to possible violations of free competition regarding advertising.
The statement insisted that the EC opened an antitrust investigation to determine whether or not Google violated the European Union (EU)'s regulations.

It is mainly aims at investigating whether or not Google limits third parties' access to users' data for advertising purposes on websites and applications, reserving them for its own use.

European Commissioner for Competition Margarethe Vestager stressed that the US tech giant controls almost all levels of the advertising supply chain for the visualization of Internet advertisements.

According to EC data, Internet advertisement expenses in the EU rose to 20 billion euros in 2019. This bloc fined Google with 1.49 billion euros in 2019 for violating antitrust regulations.

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