Europe faced with deepening COVID crisis

Europe faced with deepening COVID crisis
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27 January 2021
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London, January 27 (RHC)-- As countries across Europe scramble to immunize their populations against COVID-19, prolonged restrictions and slow vaccine rollouts are causing increasing frustration among members of the public -- a situation that could potentially turn a health crisis into a political one.

The UK government is mulling over plans to put some travelers coming to England in so-called quarantine hotels, amid concerns about new variants of the virus.  Despite the high death toll, case numbers in the UK are slowly falling thanks to the lockdown.  But the government is facing mounting pressure over when the restrictions, among them school closures, will be eased. 

As for the rest of the Europe, observers say they’re worried about an outbreak of the so-called British variant within their borders.  EU countries have their own versions of lockdowns and curfews, and the way it looks, they’re going to have to enforce stricter measures soon. 

But the restrictions of freedoms already in place are testing people’s patience.  In the Netherlands, at least 150 people arrested Monday during unrest and looting in towns and cities across the country over an 8 pm curfew.

While the UK heads towards its mid-February target of 15-million vaccinations, across the EU, growing frustration with the pace of immunization.  Last week, AstraZeneca told the EU it was falling behind on its supply target because of production problems.

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