Europe for Cuba condemns accusations vs. Cuba on human trafficking

Europe for Cuba condemns accusations vs. Cuba on human trafficking
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6 July 2021
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The Europe for Cuba channel on Tuesday rejected the US Government's accusations against the Caribbean nation in its unilateral report on human trafficking, which it described as a new instrument of aggression.

We condemn these falsehoods, included in the document presented on July 1 by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a report that, in addition to lacking international and moral authority, responds to slanderous purposes, the platform of solidarity with Cuba and its Revolution, an initiative activated in October 2020, underlined.

The channel kept the new accusations against the Caribbean country in the same objective of political blackmail as its inclusion in the list of nations sponsoring terrorism, a decision announced in January 2020 by former US President Donald Trump, just few days before leaving office.

Washington pointed out that Cuba insufficiently complies with the minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking and does not make significant efforts to that purpose, a unilateral criterion that Cuba called as new lies and attempts to discredit its medical cooperation with others peoples, which has been globally recognized.

According to Europe for Cuba, the US Government increases its disgrace by trying to hide with new political tricks the economic asphyxia it has maintained on Cuba for more than 60 years with its economic, commercial and financial blockade.

The solidarity platform also condemned the denial of visas to the Cuban soccer team to participate in the Gold Cup tournament in the United States.

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