Elections in Venezuela Will Be Held on July 28

Elections in Venezuela Will Be Held on July 28
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6 March 2024
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The Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) confirmed this Tuesday that the presidential elections will be held on July 28, date of birth of Commander Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela Holds Events in Honor of Hugo Chavez

The president of the CNE, Elvis Amoroso, announced in a press conference from the headquarters of the Electoral Power in Caracas that the board of the electoral authority unanimously approved the date of the elections.

The announcement takes place on the day that commemorates the 11th anniversary of the departure of the Eternal Commander. Amoroso also announced the most important dates of the electoral schedule.

The call for the elections will take place on March 5; special day of national and international electoral registration between March 18 and April 16; preliminary electoral registration cut-off on April 16; presentation of nominations between March 21 and 25; selection of the members of the subordinate bodies on March 20; the electoral campaign will take place between May 4 and July 25. 


This comes from a proposal for an electoral calendar elaborated through a broad dialogue with all political, economic and social sectors of the country. In this regard, Amoroso highlighted such dialogue process carried out in the National Assembly and ratified that the CNE is the entity that has the power to make the call and set the date for the election of the positions of popular representation.

The proposal entitled "National Agreement on general principles, calendar and extension of electoral guarantees for the 2024 presidential election," was delivered to the Electoral Power by the President of the Parliament, Jorge Rodriguez, last Friday, March 1.

Recognizing that the South American country has "the best electoral system in the world," the president of the CNE invited the Venezuelan people to participate in the upcoming elections. 

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