Eight dead and serious damage after mudslide in China

Eight dead and serious damage after mudslide in China
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28 May 2022
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Authorities in Fujian, in southeastern China, confirmed the death of eight people, thousands of victims and damage to infrastructure as a result of a mudslide that buried two buildings.

The local government indicated that the event occurred exactly in Wuping county, rescuers found the lifeless bodies of five victims inside a factory and then found the remaining three in a residential building.

The tragedy took place after several hours of incessant downpours and the landslide completely covered both buildings.

The authorities also relocated at least 11,300 people affected by the disaster to safe places and reported interruptions in the supply of electricity, telecommunications and road traffic.

Wuping has been under siege by torrential downpours since last Thursday, which left more than 220 millimeters of rain in less than 24 hours.

China spent US$74 million a week ago to support natural disaster response during the current rainy season, which began with extensive flooding in the south.

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