EDITORIAL: Family Code: Vote for Affection and From Knowledge

EDITORIAL: Family Code: Vote for Affection and From Knowledge
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23 September 2022
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Count down for Cubans to exercise their right to vote in a referendum that will decide on a New Family Code.

It will be next Sunday, September 25th, as announced by the National Assembly of People's Power in its working session on July 22nd.

And it's a shame there’s someone who faces the ballot without really knowing why he is voting for. So advanced and respectful of the human beings are the alternatives contained in this Code, that only to vote with real knowledge would be essential to know its content in depth.

Besides, it would be convenient to keep in mind that when each one decides their position regarding this new code. The code it’s also the sum of knowledge that support it, the knowledge of experts, the knowledge of the people in general, the Cuban people in neighborhood assemblies, at work places, and study centers, contributed with their points of view and considerations in the process of popular consultation.

Therefore, voting for the Family Code is also voting for the wisdom of many and, above all, voting for the dignity of all. Because it’s based on that principle, in stability with the Constitution of the Republic, of 2019, as it’s the essence of all the rights of all people.

Dr. Ana María Álvarez Tabío recalled it: «The Family Code is one of the most important regulations for the social life of the nation».

And yes, on the 25th will be the opportunity to vote for the Code that we Cubans deserve, the one that also, in the words of Dr. Álvarez Tabío, «extends its protective mantle to all people, by multiplying the affections and adding the rights ».

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