Ecuadorians ratify support to Cuba and condemns USA blockade

Ecuadorians ratify support to Cuba and condemns USA blockade
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1 November 2020
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The Committee for Solidarity with Cuba of the Ecuadorian province of Carchi ratified the eve support to the revolution in the Caribbean country and condemned the U.S. blockade the island has suffered for decades.

The position of the provincial organization was made explicit during a political-cultural program developed in a virtual way and in which officials from the embassy of the Antillean archipelago in this South American nation also participated.

During the meeting, the Cuban ambassador to Ecuador, Rafael Dausá, recounted the entire struggle of the Greater Antilles, which since the triumph of its revolution, on January 1, 1959, under the leadership of its historical leader Fidel Castro, consolidated the dream of the national hero, José Martí, of founding a republic with everyone and for the good of all.

The diplomat emphasized the blockade imposed by Washington on Cuba for almost 60 years, which he described as genocidal and pointed out that it is trying to surrender an entire people by hunger and disease.

'The blockade has a marked extraterritorial nature and without a doubt, it is the main obstacle to the development of the Cuban economy and to the full enjoyment to all human rights of the Cuban people. It is nothing other than the massive and flagrant violation of human rights of the Cuban people ', he said.

Likewise, he referred to the attempts from the northern country to undermine the solidarity work of the Cuban medical brigades throughout the world and in that sense he highlighted the trajectory, for decades, of these specialists and in particular the current performance in the international combat against the Covid-19 pandemic.

For his part, the prominent Ecuadorian fighter and intellectual Jaime Galarza, pointed that Cuba and its revolution are an example to be followed by the peoples who fight for their true independence or respect for their sovereignty.

In that sense, he warned that unity and the path indicated by Martí, the Ecuadorian hero Eloy Alfaro and other Latin American leaders are the flag for definitive independence and called not to have false illusions about peace and respect for the peoples from a new election in the United States.

Finally, he spoke out for Latin American and Caribbean integration to face current challenges.

The program also featured the interpretation of Latin American songs and the declamation of poems by some of the participants in the event.

At the same time, several of the attendees issued messages of support to Cuba and its revolution, insisted on the need to end the economic, commercial and financial siege imposed by the northern territory and also supported the international request to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the brigade Henry Reeve Medical Squad, specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics.


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