Ecuadorians Abroad are Called to Vote to Recover their Homeland

Ecuadorians Abroad are Called to Vote to Recover their Homeland
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6 August 2023
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The candidate to the National Assembly of Ecuador Esther Cuesta urged her compatriots living abroad to vote on August 20 to put an end to the misgovernment imposed from the right and from the neoliberalism sectors.

“If (Lenín) Moreno and (Guillermo) Lasso tried to take away the rights of Ecuadorians abroad, we are going to respond forcefully so that the Citizen Revolution list 5 (RC5) wins in the first round, putting an end to a period of death and despair and making the country rise again”, the candidate for a seat for residents in Europe, Asia and Oceania told Prensa Latina.

In that sense, she called attention to the obstacles that represent the suffrage measures abroad such as the telematic vote (online), dictated without the previous creation of the necessary conditions, and the scarce information provided by the Foreign Ministry through its consulates.

About 13 million people will be summoned to the elections of August 20, three percent of them abroad, which means 409,250 registered voters, however, only 12% had their registration for the telematic vote on Thursday, he warned.

According to Cuesta, the South American nation is living a critical moment in its history, marked by insecurity, abandonment, hopelessness and the decision to emigrate in the face of difficulties, consequences of the neoliberal administrations of presidents: Moreno (2017-2021) and Lasso, who dissolved the Assembly when facing impeachment.

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