Ecuador is at War With Narcoterrorists: President Noboa

Ecuador is at War With Narcoterrorists: President Noboa
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10 January 2024
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During a radio interview on Wednesday, President Daniel Noboa assured that he will not negotiate with armed criminal groups linked to international drug trafficking.


The International Community Stands in Solidarity With Ecuador

"We are in a state of war and we cannot give in to these terrorists," Noboa said in his first public intervention since the current insecurity crisis broke out on Monday night.

On that day, authorities admitted that Adolfo Macias (aka Fito), the leader of "The Choneros" gang, had escaped from a security prison on a date that has not been determined so far.

Members of organized crime groups operating in Ecuador will be considered "terrorists," Noboa emphasized and warned that judges, prosecutors, police, and soldiers who support drug traffickers or members of those groups will also be treated as "terrorists."


"Every terrorist group has become a military objective," the Ecuadorian President said, adding that "practically, we are in a non-international armed conflict. We are fighting for peace."

When asked about what will happen to 135 guards who remain kidnapped in the prisons, Noboa warned that he will not give in to the prisoners' demands and clarified that the military will intervene in the prisons.

"We are doing everything possible and impossible to bring all the guards safe and sound. But we cannot stop the war over this matter. The State is at war in all the provinces," he said, revealing that the U.S. Ambassador Michael Fitzpatrick confirmed that his country will collaborate with Ecuadorian security policies through an "assistance package."

Over the last 24 hours, Ecuadorian security forces have arrested around 70 people allegedly linked to violent acts perpetrated by drug traffickers throughout the country.

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