Drone flight clarifies the integrity of third tank in fire in Cuban province

Drone flight clarifies the integrity of third tank in fire in Cuban province
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8 August 2022
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MATANZAS, Cuba, Aug 8 (ACN) The collapse of the wall of the second tank set on fire in the industrial zone of this city was made visible through the flight of a drone, and it was clarified that the third one is not on fire, informed Williams Gonzalez Hernandez, head of the Civil Defense group in Matanzas.

Gonzalez Hernandez specified that the collapse of the wall caused notable explosions and action will be taken to mitigate the resulting flames, he warned that although the third tank is still intact, the danger does not disappear for it.

The forces working at the site were evacuated before the explosions.

The sky lit up all over the city, the vapor from the blast wave was felt more than three kilometers away, the mushroom cloud of smoke exceeded kilometers in height, and notable explosions were felt which disturbed the silence of the night, and the sky turned reddish, witnesses confirmed.

During the day, the fire of the first tank which caught fire last Friday at the supertanker base due to the impact of an electric shock was contained today. Solidarity forces from Venezuela and Mexico, along with Cuban forces, are working to control the fire.

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