Diaz-Canel highlights the importance of ties between government and sciences

Diaz-Canel highlights the importance of ties between government and sciences
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15 August 2020
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Havana, August 15 (RHC)-- An article by President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez published by the Cubadebate website addresses government management, higher education, science, innovation, and local development.

In the text, he highlighted the results obtained by Cuba in the battle against COVID-19, a success that lies in the close and fruitful link between government management, the health system, and the intelligent and dedicated work of numerous scientists and professionals together with the whole people.

Díaz-Canel also referred to the innovative organizational mechanisms established between the government and the scientific community, as well as others that have allowed for a social, political, and health response capable of meeting the challenge posed by the pandemic.

Similarly, the Cuban president stressed that the articulation of science and government is key to successfully address another of the great challenges facing the nation: the promotion of local development.

In the article, Díaz-Canel refers to two government actions to promote the link between government management, the work of scientists and the participation of universities.

These experiences are promoted by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Presidency of the Republic, both focused on meeting development needs through the use of science and innovation.

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