Díaz-Canel at CUJAE: You have the knowledge

Díaz-Canel at CUJAE: You have the knowledge
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2 March 2023
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Havana, March 2 (RHC)-- The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the PCC and President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel went this Wednesday to the Technological University of Havana José Antonio Echeverría, to follow up, together with directors, teachers and students, a group of projects that were built jointly, between the country's top management and representatives of that institution  of higher studies.

In the Integrated Technological Research Complex (CITI) that belongs to the university center, a fruitful and frank exchange took place that evaluated the progress of different investigations linked to various entities of the country, as an expression of the contribution that academia and technical sciences can make to the development of Cuba.

When explaining all the actions carried out, from the most recent visits made to the CUJAE by the Head of State, Modesto Gómez Crespo, Rector of the Technological University, commented on how the work directives have been developed and managed.

The Rector of the Technological University of Havana referred to decision-making and implementation of ideas in areas such as transportation; investments; the innovation; housing, construction technology and materials; landscaping; robotics and automation; computerization; and new technologies for the sugar industry.

The manager also offered details about other sectors in which the academic institution has been directly linked, such as education at work and training of senior technicians; energy efficiency; resource management models; the fight against COVID-19; governance and popular control; and ideological work.

Transferring knowledge to all possible areas, training and understanding knowledge in essential areas such as business, are among the main objectives of the professors and students who spoke with the president.
After more than two hours of exchange, Díaz-Canel spoke about the need for the Cuban university to update 
itself on the state of technical sciences in the world.

"You have to be like the country's observatory," the Cuban President told directors, professors, and students of the emblematic institution, "this is a fundamental task of CUJAE," because "you are the country's leading university in technical sciences ».

"You have the knowledge," President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez affirmed to the CUJAE professors and students, with confidence in the talent and creativity of those who, from different backgrounds, continue to bet on the university connecting more and more with the world business sector to promote science and innovation, essential to advance in the current conditions of Cuba. (Source: Radio Rebelde)

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