Despite the blockade, Cuba has the resources to face the Covid-19

Despite the blockade, Cuba has the resources to face the Covid-19
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22 April 2020
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Cuba today has the necessary resources to face Covid-19, even in the worst case scenario, despite the United States bloc, Francisco Durán, director of the Ministry of Public Health, reiterated today.

The national director of Epidemiology of that portfolio insisted, in the usual press conference on updating the health situation, that the island has availability of artificial ventilators for the current stage and other more difficult ones, which generates a greater number of infected cases.

Durán explained that efforts are ongoing to acquire these much-needed equipment in intensive care rooms, although 'some are fruitful and others not because of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States; But, we are preparing for the worst moment, the so-called curve or peak that the researchers foresee. '

He commented that the Cuban scientific community works in the national production of these equipment and does not rest on its acquisition abroad, something that is difficult because sometimes after contracting with a company, it refuses because it was bought by a US company.

The specialist indicated that this situation is also repeated with the rest of the medical supplies, reagents, protection means, equipment, rapid tests and PCR tests, which are very necessary.

But, he affirmed, thanks to the efforts of international organizations, we have sufficient quantities for our professionals and technicians to protect themselves and to carry out the required studies with the available resources, even with some of national production.

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