Deputies to check programs of economic-social impact

Deputies to check programs of economic-social impact
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12 January 2022
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Havana, January 12 (RHC)-- Deputies to Cuba's National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP, parliament) will check in the first half of the year the plans of economic-social impact, reports today the legislative body's website.

According to a videoconference held on Tuesday, the control exercise focuses on the country's energy, geological, and mining sector programs, with visits to works in progress, thermoelectric plants, and investments with renewable energy sources.

Santiago Lajes, head of the Industry, Construction and Energy Commission of the Assembly, emphasized the importance of adding university professors to the supervision and training on issues such as the recently approved Law of Territorial and Urban Planning and Land Management for its proper implementation.

He also alluded to the deputies' participation in transforming neighborhoods and communities throughout the country while stressing the need to follow up on the approved policies on energy saving.

The legislators will also focus on the sugar cane harvest in the period corresponding to the campaign and the analysis of the swine production program in the country.

The programmed control actions will also address improving the organs of the People's Power, the control of accountability to voters, and the implementation of the territorial development strategy, among other issues.


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