Cuba's Minister highlights the role of private sector in the economy

Cuba's Minister highlights the role of private sector in the economy
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15 February 2021
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Havana, Feb 15 (Prensa Latina) Economy Minister Alejandro Gil on Monday highlighted the role of freelancers (private sector) in the country's economic jump-start and job creation.
'The improvement and expansion of self-employed work (TCP), in addition to the generation of new jobs, will provide the economy with greater vitality, diversification and competitiveness. That is the way. We all win,' he tweeted.

In the Mesa Redonda TV program on Tuesday, Gil expressed that 'there is no contradiction between individual interests and the country's interests, we have to get rid of selfishness and individualism, and there are many samples of the value of freelancers, that is Cuba, that is our people.'

Recently, the Council of Ministers approved to expand from 127 to over 2,000 the activities that the freelancers can exercise, only 124 of them with total or partial limitations.

For the selection of those activities, the National Classification of Economic Activities of the National Office of Statistics and Information was taken into account. According to official statistics, there are currently over 600,000 freelancers, a figure that represents 13 percent of Cuba's employment; 30 percent of them are youngsters and 35 percent are women.

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