Cuba’s judo shows history of success

Cuba’s judo shows history of success
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28 July 2022
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Havana, Jul 28 (Prensa Latina) Boosted by its achievements in the most prestigious competitions in the world, Cuban judo has an exciting future ahead of it, Carlos Zegarra, the Peruvian President of the Pan-American Judo Confederation, warned on Thursday.

Full of pride, the former athlete and now director received the Seventh Dan Degree -red and white belt- of the practice originated in Japan and created by master Jigoro Kano at the end of the 19th century.

From the hands of Cuban luminaries Onix Cortes, world bronze medalist in Chelyabinsk 2014, and Yalennis Castillo, Olympic silver medalist in Beijing 2008, the vice-president of the International Federation received the plaque and let out several smiles of complacency.

It is the result of my life’s work,” he said exclusively to Prensa Latina before underlining the privilege he feels to make the award his own in a country that boasts monarchs at all levels of judo.

Together with the president of the Peruvian Olympic Committee, Renzo Manyari, Zegarra, he will fulfill an extensive work agenda in Cuba, which will include visits to the Manuel Fajardo University of Physical Culture and the Sports Research Center.

Likewise, both are expected to visit the Anti-Doping Laboratory in Havana and the Combinado Loma de los Zapotes, located in the municipality of San Miguel del Padron, in the outskirts of this city.

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