Cubans recall 1956 armed uprising in Santiago

Cubans recall 1956 armed uprising in Santiago
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30 November 2023
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Cubans recall this Thursday, the armed uprising staged by the 26th of July Movement 67 years ago, to support the landing of the Granma yacht in eastern Cuba, led by Fidel Castro.

The action, commanded by Frank País in 1956, was to distract the forces of the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista (1952-1959) in eastern Cuba to support the Granma yacht’s arrival and promote a climate of insurrectionary struggle across the country.

The members of the 26th of July Movement left Tuxpan, Mexico, on November 25, 1956. The idea was to reach the Cuban coasts through Las Coloradas beach, in the current Granma province, on November 30 to resume the armed struggle in the Sierra Maestra mountain range.

The plan, conceived by Fidel Castro, included actions in eastern Santiago de Cuba province and elsewhere in the country to impede the transfer of Batista’s army to the landing area.

The delay in navigation due to bad weather conditions, the fall of a man into the water, and his search until he was rescued prevented the Granma yacht from arriving on November 30, which took place on December 2.

The heroic actions of several dozen young people in Santiago de Cuba, who wore the olive green uniform for the first time, with the badge M-26-7, showed the rebellious enthusiasm in the country, which was also attested to by subsequent events.

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