Cubans living in China prepare donation to fight Covid-19

Cubans living in China prepare donation to fight Covid-19
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23 March 2020
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The community of Cubans living in China will contribute donations to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic on the island, which reports at least one death and 35 infected, official sources said Sunday.

According to the Cuban ambassador, Carlos Miguel Pereira, our compatriots are preparing the contribution through the Ernesto Che Guevara Association that brings them together.

The donation will add to the equipment, supplies and other items that will be delivered by the government and companies of the Asian giant to 'strengthen the proven capacity of the Cuban health system'.

Pereira thanked the authorities, institutions and Chinese friends for their humane and supportive accompaniment after the arrival of the Covid-19 in Cuba.

'Increasingly, they are contacting us from all parts of China to give us their encouragement and support and their confidence in the capacity of our country and its health system to face the new coronavirus,' he said in an article.

The diplomat highlighted the joint work of experts from both countries in developing new drugs or therapies to combat the respiratory condition.

On the other hand, he informed that in the face of a more favorable epidemiological scenario, the embassy, the consulates general of Shanghai and Guangzhou, and the representation offices will gradually return to normal as of Monday, but under rigorous sanitary measures and limited personnel.

The medical post opened at the diplomatic headquarters will continue to provide services and ensure good health conditions for compatriots with travel plans to Cuba.

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