Cubans debut in Tashkent Judo Grand Slam

Cubans debut in Tashkent Judo Grand Slam
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2 March 2024
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JONATHAN Charón (60 kg) failed to get past the first round at the Tashkent 2024 Judo Grand Slam.

As expected, his start against the Kazakh Yeldos Smetov, Olympic and world medalist, was very difficult and he suffered sweeping techniques with which he was dominated.

In the first minute I was already suffering waza-ari behind the de-ashi-harai; and finishing the third he received ippon with projection of okuri-ashi-harai and thus ended their competition.

Orlando Polanco started in the second round, but his fight against the Russian world champion Yago Abulaeze did not hold favorable predictions for him.

He didn’t win, but he lasted the entire regulation time without being scored. Of course, he arrived at the complicated golden rule with two shidos, which forced him to avoid passivity.

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