Cubans in China celebrate 62nd anniversary of the Revolution

Cubans in China celebrate 62nd anniversary of the Revolution
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1 January 2021
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Beijing, Jan 1 (Prensa Latina) Members of the diplomatic corps, students, residents and representatives of Cuban organizations in China on Friday celebrated the 62nd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, at an event where the strength of this process was ratified.
During the soiree, Ambassador Carlos Miguel Pereira reviewed the main events experienced by Cuba in 2020, which he particularly described as hard, complex and with the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic on top, which were overcome thanks to the unity of Cuban comrades.

He denounced the unprecedented tightening of the US economic, financial, and commercial blockade with measures that hampered Cuba's access to aid and necessary products to tackle the disease.

'We have not been spared even in times of the pandemic, but the Revolution, seasoned in the most complex scenarios, has not only proven its capacity of acting with firmness and determination, but also with enough prudence and judgement not to get carried away by agitators or coarse manipulators,' he said.

However, Pereira called for the hard and united work of all Cubans to leave any challenges behind again, move towards the future, boost the economy and guarantee that all its sectors are more efficient and sustainable.

'Next (this) year appears to be intense, challenging, a new step to exceed our own limits, in the path to perfection and continuity. Thinking as a country means today, more than ever, sowing and fertilizing the future,' the ambassador stressed.

Participants in the soiree welcomed the new anniversary of Cuba's major historic event by singing the National Anthem.

The soiree also included a section for children and the screening of a video with a summary of the diplomatic mission in China in 2020, where, with a comprehensive program, the six decades of relations between Havana and Beijing were celebrated.

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