Cubans in Belgium prepare new solidarity shipments to their homeland

Cubans in Belgium prepare new solidarity shipments to their homeland
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26 February 2022
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Cuba Soberana, a project promoted by Cuban residents in Belgium, began preparations to send the first shipment of the year, consisting of medical supplies to their homeland, group Coordinator Reinaldo Romero said on Saturday.

Speaking to Prensa Latina, Romero commented that the fundraising stage has already been activated, during which compatriots and Belgian solidarity associations, such as, The Friends of Cuba in Belgium and Salsa Bruges, in addition to the Latin American Coordinating Committee, are participating.

At the same time, we are reviewing last year’s experiences to improve as much as we can, said Romero, who recalled that three containers, laden with items such as medical equipment, hospital furniture, wheelchairs, face masks and surgical gloves, were shipped to Cuba in 2021.

Although the initial objective of the project in 2022 is to maintain solidarity in the field of health care, he did not rule out extending it to the field of sports, which would bring the possibility of sending bicycles, balls and other resources for sports facilities in the Cuban provinces.

Romero insisted that Cuba Soberana is an initiative based on love to the homeland and solidarity in difficult times, in a scenario marked for Cuba by the double impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the United States economic, commercial and financial blockade.

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