Cuban youths will march in defense of Palestine on Thursday

Cuban youths will march in defense of Palestine on Thursday
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22 November 2023
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Several Cuban youth organizations will march in defense of the cause of the Palestinian people, who are victims of more than 70 years of occupation and acts of genocide by Israel, local media reported.

According to the Juventud Rebelde newspaper, the Young Communist League (UJC) called on “youths and citizens from the Cuban capital to march with solidarity and humanism from G St. and the Malecon seaside drive to the boardwalk area in La Piragua, in El Vedado neighborhood.

The march is scheduled for Thursday, November 23, at 13:00 hours, local time, and will be led by the UJC, the Cuban Federation of University Students (FEU), the Federation of Middle School Students (FEEM), and other organizations of Cuban civil society and Havana residents, the newspaper informed.

It added that one of the objectives of the march is to denounce more than 70 years of subjugation of the Palestinian people to a “Dantesque usurpation, and demand the end of the impunity with which the Israeli Government unleashes its war machine like a wild beast against Palestine.”

The demonstration’s organizers called to reject the genocide perpetrated by the Israeli army since October 7 in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, where more than 13,000 people, including some 5,000 children, have been killed.


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