Cuban University's Honorary Chair commends Fidel Castro's work

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Cuban University's Honorary Chair commends Fidel Castro's work
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10 August 2020
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Santiago de Cuba, Aug 10 (Prensa Latina) Given the advent of Fidel Castro's 94th birth anniversary on August 13, the Honorary Chair dedicated to the study of the historic leader's life and work at the Eastern University (UO) commends the figure's work for recalling his legacy.
Dr. Frank Josue Solar, president of that entity, explained to Prensa Latina that despite vacations and the previous closure of classrooms due to Covid-19, these efforts have continued, mainly through social networks, especially through We for Fidel website.

'A sample of such goal is the summer course that history professors, belonging to the Chair, will provide about the presence of the National Hero Jose Marti in the ideology and action of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution,' Solar pointed out.

He added that, sponsored by the Martian Youth Movement of this eastern province, the meeting will celebrate the 94th birth anniversary of the Commander-in-Chief, which will be on Thursday, August 13th, and will contribute to greater knowledge among younger Cubans of those essential milestones in the future of the nation.

Another significant moment highlighted by the historian Solar will be the presentation of the 2nd edition of the book on Fidel's visits to this city, from 1933 to 2003, with a new epigraph about the imprint of his funerary monument in the patrimonial cemetery of Santa Ifigenia.

Dr. Manuel Pevida, vice president of the Chair and professor at the UO is one of the four authors of this testimonial and graphic journey, which has become an important source of consultation for researchers in Cuban history.

Since its creation in October 2017, on the 70th anniversary of the second university founded in Cuba, the academic body has contributed to deepen Fidel Castro's footprint and to keep alive the interest of the new generations in its human and universal transcendence.

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