Cuban province strengthens nutrition for vulnerable groups

Cuban province strengthens nutrition for vulnerable groups
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9 May 2023
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The Cuban western province of Matanzas is strengthening the nutrition of malnourished and underweight children who suffer from celiac disease, and pregnant women, with the inclusion of quail eggs in their diet.

According to the website, Matanzas receives some 9,000 quail eggs daily for social consumption, trade, and the development of new breeding birds.

Boris Tiel, director of the Poultry Company in Matanzas, explained that the institution is currently marketing quail meat in Union de Reyes municipality, where three of the province’s four leading breeding farms are located.

With the increase this year in the production plan in more than eight million quail eggs, compared to the previous year, this food is an indispensable option for people’s diet as they gain iron, selenium, and zinc, Tiel said.

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