Cuban president praised new victories of Cuban athletes in Tokyo

Cuban president praised new victories of Cuban athletes in Tokyo
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3 August 2021
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President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, highlighted today the performances of Cuban athletes who won two gold medals during this Olympic day in Tokyo 2020.

Heart-stopping competition by Fernando Dayán Jorge and Serguey Torres in K-2 1000 meters! Another spectacular gold for Cuba in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 'Congratulations guys, last night you had millions of Cubans rowing with you. Let' s do it for Cuba, Put your heart in it', the president wrote.

He also referred to the victory by boxer Roniel Iglesias, who climbed again today to the top of the Olympic podium in the Japanese capital, after beating 5-0 British Pat McCormack in 69 kgs final.

Roniel Iglesias is a gold and Cuba's team flagship is on the move. A reward for the efforts and devotion. Congratulations Champion, Cuba has high expectations in boxing, Put in your heart with Cuba! He emphasized.

After these victories, Cuba rose to the 14th place in the medal table, with four gold, three silver and four bronze medals, for a total of 11 so far.


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