Cuban people congratulate Tokyo 2020 champions

Cuban people congratulate Tokyo 2020 champions
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16 August 2021
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After his performance in Tokyo 2020, two-time Olympic boxing champion Julio Cesar La Cruz was congratulated on Sunday by his people, who gathered to praise him in eastern Camagüey province.

Complying with health restrictions, several people arrived at the four-time world champion's home to express their admiration and pride.

'I always say that only in Cuba you can see so many people with this immense affection when you return, and that is a privilege of Cuban athletes,' La Cruz told Prensa Latina.

After a clear demonstration of sporting mastery in the final fight against world champion Muslim Gadzhimagomedov, from Russia, La Cruz won his second Olympic title.

His performance was the sixth gold medal for the Cuban delegation that won seven titles, and climbed to the 14th position in the overall table of medals.

'Right now I feel grateful for so many people who believe in and love Cuba and its Revolution, which we went to represent with dignity,' the eleven-time national champion stressed.


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