Cuban Parliament discussed cattle breeding bill

Cuban Parliament discussed cattle breeding bill
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12 December 2022
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HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 11 (ACN) Salvador Valdes Mesa, vice president of the Republic, said during the debates of the Parliament’s Agrifood Commission that the Livestock Promotion and Development Act, to be submitted for approval on the 14th, will improve cattle breeding organization and control.
Valdes Mesa warned that the law will not solve by itself the problems facing cattle production and must rely on science and resources, as promoted by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro’s ideas, and recalled that this is the least favored branch of agriculture in terms of available resources, to the detriment of technical services, technological discipline and control, which makes it necessary to boost production and reduce powdered milk imports.
The bill lays down legal provisions on the production and sustainable development of livestock farming, binding on both individuals and entities engaged in this activity, and includes regulations regarding the development of a sustainable and resilient system marked by low greenhouse gas emissions and the application of research and innovation results.
It also addresses the development of foreign investment, foreign trade and international cooperation in the livestock product and value chains and the use of renewable energy sources, genetic improvement technology and regional management systems.

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